Natural gas

Customized air/gas compression solutions for the industry



Compressors for the transportation and pumping of natural gas, and for the feeding of gas engines and turbines.

ABC has more than 200 natural gas compressors in cogeneration plants. Its long experience, together with its close collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers, allows the units to be adapted to the changing conditions of natural gas supply for more efficient work.

Since the 1980s ABC has satisfied customers from the most diverse sectors: energy, petrochemical, ceramics, food, paper, pneumatics… Developing natural gas compression solutions in the five continents to power electric generation turbines and pumping gas networks. Among other applications.





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Project in a sugar refinery of Cuba: 2EHA-2-GT
CO₂ recovery in brewery: ECOO 3000
New installation for test bench purposes: 2EHP-2-LG(T)
Green field turnkey Project: HORIZON 3000 HP y LP
Worldwide’s biggest water bottler: HORIZON 3000
Co2 recovery: ECOO
Biggest PET compressor in the market: HORIZON PLUS 6000
Installation of 7 compressors in american converter: HORIZON 3000
Hydrogenation process in Russia: 4EHA-6-BIS-L-GT
Solid waste drying: 2EHA-2-BIS-G
Water treatment plant in a refinery: 5EHA-6-LT
Compressors for water treatment in ethilene plant: 2EHA-2-LT/75-60
Cogeneration plant: 1EHA-6-GT/105
Cogeneration in pneumatic plant: 2EHP-4-GT/210-145
The biggest installation of ABC Compressors in terms of power: EHP-6-GT
Cogeneration in chemical plant: 1EHP-4-GT/210
DURO: 8 x 1EHP-6-GT
Energy saving: 1EHP-4-GT/450
Reduce emissions program for Chinese Government: 3EHP-4-GT
Compressors on an offshore oil platform: 1EHP-2-GT
Compression of 150 bar in 6 stages: 6EHA-6-TER-LT
Compressor from 1993 in China: 2EHA-2-GT
Demanding instrumentation and short delivery time: 4EHP-4-L-GT
Hydrogen in USA: 1EHA-1-GT/75
Obtaining CO from the syngas: 3EHP-4-G
Purification of saturated CO₂: 3EHA-6-TER-GT