R&D solutions

Benchmark solutions with the state-of-the-art technology.



Adapting to the environment around us has been fundamental in order to lead the markets in which we are present for more than 75 years.

R&D solutions

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of our compressors
  • Get innovations applicable to existing products

Develop new prototypes

Collaborative projects with clients

High added value services

  • Technological consulting
  • Permanent assistance



The biggest reciprocating PET compressor in the market

Large installed power range up to over 1MW

Redesign CO2 range = new cylinder capacity, new intercoolers, etc

Interchangeable units; Same platform from 500 kgh-3000kgh

Units of the new high pressure CO2. 50bar CO2 compressors

Study on the presence of H2S in a gas causing corrosion

API 618 for HA model

Low pressure range with HORIZON technology