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We grant the complete life cycle of the compressor

Premium worldwide


ABC since Its foundation in 1943, invests in consolidating long-term relationships with Its customers, supplying not only the best adapted products but accompanying them thoughtout their life cycle.

Global service network

A service network that guarantees the best after sales service in the market thanks to the rapid delivery of OEM parts from the automated HQ warehouse and worldwide local manpower.

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Service contracts

We offer different kind of service contract to guarantee the life of our compressors.

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Original spare parts

Original spare parts for preventive and corrective maintenance that guarantees the conditions of reliability and durability of the compressors.

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Certified trainning

ABC offers different kind of certified technical trainnings on a yearly basis.

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Energy audits

Energy audits on field are available by ABC local technicians and contrasted by ISO 11011 certification

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Data monitoring

The software that allows to access via web to the control panel of the compressor on site.

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ABC stamps

Our inspections package and periodic tests of the pressure equipments to guarantee the technical and security conditions that are necessary for Its functioning.

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