Energy saving:


This compressor was part of an important energy saving project. Our customer was able to find an alternative use for the hydrogen coming from his process. Our compressor is pumping the gas to close facility where it is burned, reducing the need for natural gas. The hydrogen became a combustible income instead of an unpleasant wastage of the process. The Spanish Ministry of Industry was involved in the project through its Agency for Energy Savings. .

  • Country Spain
  • Race (mm) 200
  • Country 2007
  • Speed (RPM) 422
  • Capacity (Nm³/h) 4800
  • Suction Pressure (Bar) 1
  • Number of stages 1
  • Motor (kW) 345
  • Number of cylinders 4
  • Exhaust Pressure (Bar) 4
  • Cylinder size (mm) 450



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Natural gas

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Gas compressors that are present in the oil refinery system: exploration (upstream), transport (midstream), refining (downstream) and treatment of the spare gases (petrochemistry).

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