Case studies

After reaching more than 75 years of experience, we have many success stories for the different markets in which we are present



Project in a sugar refinery of Cuba: 2EHA-2-GT
CO₂ recovery in brewery: ECOO 3000
New installation for test bench purposes: 2EHP-2-LG(T)
Green field turnkey Project: HORIZON 3000 HP y LP
Worldwide’s biggest water bottler: HORIZON 3000
Co2 recovery: ECOO
Biggest PET compressor in the market: HORIZON PLUS 6000
Installation of 7 compressors in american converter: HORIZON 3000
Hydrogenation process in Russia: 4EHA-6-BIS-L-GT
Solid waste drying: 2EHA-2-BIS-G
Water treatment plant in a refinery: 5EHA-6-LT
Compressors for water treatment in ethilene plant: 2EHA-2-LT/75-60
Cogeneration plant: 1EHA-6-GT/105
Cogeneration in pneumatic plant: 2EHP-4-GT/210-145
The biggest installation of ABC Compressors in terms of power: EHP-6-GT
Cogeneration in chemical plant: 1EHP-4-GT/210
DURO: 8 x 1EHP-6-GT
Energy saving: 1EHP-4-GT/450
Reduce emissions program for Chinese Government: 3EHP-4-GT
Compressors on an offshore oil platform: 1EHP-2-GT
Compression of 150 bar in 6 stages: 6EHA-6-TER-LT
Compressor from 1993 in China: 2EHA-2-GT
Demanding instrumentation and short delivery time: 4EHP-4-L-GT
Hydrogen in USA: 1EHA-1-GT/75
Obtaining CO from the syngas: 3EHP-4-G
Purification of saturated CO₂: 3EHA-6-TER-GT