Compressors on an offshore oil platform:


These two compressors are installed on an offshore oil platform in order to compress natural gas extracted from oil drilling. The compressed gas is used to feed a 6MW turbine in order to cover the electrical consumption of the platform. This kind of offshore applications are very demanding in terms of standards and technical requirements, but also due to the reduced available space. ABC was perfect for the application: two 1EHP-2-GT compressors engineered to suit all the needs of the client.

  • Country Iran
  • Race (mm) 200
  • Country 1997
  • Speed (RPM) 492
  • Capacity (Nm³/h) 2
  • Suction Pressure (Bar) 6
  • Number of stages 1
  • Motor (kW) 239
  • Number of cylinders 2
  • Exhaust Pressure (Bar) 22
  • Cylinder size (mm) 2



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Worldwide leader in the manufacturing of compressors for PET blowing and CO2 recovery.

Natural gas

Compressors for the transport and boosting of natural gas in order to feed gas turbines and gas engines.


Gas compressors that are present in the oil refinery system: exploration (upstream), transport (midstream), refining (downstream) and treatment of the spare gases (petrochemistry).

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