High pressure PET compressors


HORIZON range compressors was conceived with the goal of giving high pressure compressed air to the blowing equipment, with the aim of manufacturing PET bottles at 40 barG pressure.

Horizontal Disposition

HORIZON works practically without vibrations.

Direct Coupled Motor

HORIZON comes with a direct coupled motor transmission, more reliable and efficient.

Variable Speed Drive

HORIZON get additional energy savings thanks to the variable speed drive.

Perfect adaptation/Wide range of regulation.

Double Effect

The design of HORIZON offers optimal performance.

Modular and Compact Design

HORIZON guarantees quick and easy installation.

Heat Recovery System

Saving energy through heat recovery.

HORIZON is capable of providing hot water from all refrigerators for a variety of industrial uses.

Perfect Volumetric Design

Blue The heat generated is eliminated immediately and efficiently by the water chambers in order to achieve an isothermal cycle.

Red The design of the compression chambers allows a uniform and stable distribution of air with lower load losses.

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4 HORIZON 3000 installation in the worldwide biggest water bottler company, for one of Its French …

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Green field turnkey Project:

New turnkey installation in France for one of the biggest bottling plants in Europe, of two …

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