Given the latest developments in relation to the COVID-19 virus, at ABC we are following the instructions of local and national health organizations to avoid any negative impact that it may cause in the company’s normal activity. Different actions have been launched to reduce the risk of our workers:

  • We have reinforced the cleanliness of our facilities.
  • We have communicated and reiterated to all workers the personal hygiene guidelines recommended by local health agencies.
  • We have limited the meetings to those strictly necessary.
  • We have limited travel and visits to those strictly necessary.
  • We have coordinated the different departments to avoid contacts and reduce risks.
  • Part of the team carries out its functions in teleworking.
  • Office hours will be continuous, although the telephone service and the 24-hour line are still available.

We hope that the situation returns to normal as soon as possible and we regret any inconvenience that these measures may cause. We ask for collaboration and understanding from all our stakeholders.

Meanwhile, we kindly recommend to stay at home to avoid COVID-19 propagation, as the virus is living in permanent movement and paralising it in order to defeat it, is in our hands.