Energy Saving

ABC compressors implements the most energy saving solutions of the market.



ABC COMPRESSORS stands out in the market for developing reliable energy saving solutions, being aware that 80% of the total cost of a compressor in 10 years comes from energy consumption. In order to reduce energy consumption to the maximum, ABC COMPRESSORS faces the market by providing solutions under the following characteristics.

Con el objetivo de reducir los consumos energéticos al máximo, ABC compressors encara el mercado proporcionando soluciones bajo las siguientes características.



Horizontal configuration

The horizontal arrangement of our compressors makes the mm / sec of vibration at the time of compressing the minimum, making the mechanical wear of the machine also reduce to the maximum and offering a service cycle of 10,000 hours.

Double acting cylinders

Taking advantage of the linear speed of the rods generated by the crankshaft of the crankcase, we compress on both sides of the cylinder to take advantage of inertia and generate more compressed air with less energy, reducing at the same time the load losses and the temperature of the cylinders.

Direct coupling motor

We eliminate the belts in our successor ranges, saving up to 5% in terms of energy efficiency, by directly coupling the motor to the compressor's flywheel, also avoiding the cyclic services of the belts.

Lower Delta T

The horizontal arrangement allows ABC COMPRESSORS to be equipped with the longest refrigerators on the market, making the difference between compressed air and water cooling it up to 5 °.

Modulation of up to 55%

The frequency inverter modulates the compressors so that the total power absorbed in the network is proportional to the compressed air that is produced for the plant, avoiding that only the compressor can be empty or 100% empty.

Heat recovery

Through water outlet valves installed in the compressor's refrigerators, we can grant the plant water at 80 ° for instrumental use within the plant or any function that the customer wishes, by accumulating hot water in a tank.




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