Approaching the HORIZON

What we


ABC COMPRESSORS has a high-qualified R&D department where new researched are done every day. This allows ABC to improve the quality and efficiency of the compressors to fulfil innovations related existing products and develop new prototypes with the aim of being able to provide the best product and service possible, adapted to each customer, trying to satisfy their needs, generate confidence and reliability and stablishing the most valued relationship for the long term.

Energy savings

We pursue the goal of developing the most efficient compressors in the market, with the lowest energy consumption and ecological impact.

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R&D solutions

The investment in compressor technology within the industrial sector aims to achieve the maximum availability of the machines, since key production processes will depend on the compressors.

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Customized solutions

With the aim of being as closest as possible to our customers, covering Its needs fully, we manufacture customer made solutions that compress any type of gas.

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