Focus on efficiency and circular economy


ABC Compressors made use of the platform presented by Brau Beviale to make clear its belief that PET is the best alternative currently available for the production of beverage industry packaging, in terms of CO2 emissions.

“It is not correct to claim that PET is more harmful than glass for the environment and there is no other solution that can outperform either of the two materials,” said Nacho Urbistondo de Leiva, ABC’s sales manager for Eastern Europe and Russia. He emphasised that there is an increasing trend towards the use of 100% recycled PET (rPET) in lighter preforms. However, recycling on its own is not the complete solution. Telmo Sexmilo, ABC’s sales area manager for the Middle East and the CIS, made
the point that moving to a circular PET production cycle is a challenge to and the responsibility of everyone in the industry.

“There is no alternative to PET in bottling,” Gonzalo Gabarain, the company’s sales area manager for the Francophone countries, Southern and Western Africa and Italy Key Account Manager added. “The trend will be to recycle PET and to educate society to do so. The preforms will tend to weigh less, so the compressors will tend to be smaller and sized for lower pressure. Energy consumption will, consequently, be much lower, and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) as a result.”

The ABC sales area manager for East Africa, Central Europe and the United Kingdom, Marcos Arteaga, confi dently claimed that the concentration of customers and suppliers in the PET market will intensify and new formulas will be sought to avoid losing market share. Delivery deadlines and local services in the CO2 market will
become increasingly important. The war against plastic will centre on recycling and the reluctance to make new PET investments will disappear.

Horizon and Ecoo ranges highlighted

ABC sought to support its points by showcasing its Horizon and Ecoo compressor ranges, which it claims are market leaders in effi ciency and robustness.
The PET blowing Horizon range’s horizontal design is intended to minimise vibration, which reduces heat generation and component wear, and increases compressor service life and effi ciency loss. Its built-in frequency converter or variable speed drive (VSD) is claimed to reduce unload times and save energy with a large regulation range.

ABC says that its Ecoo range, which is designed for CO2 compression, offers reliability and fl exibility. It also features a horizontal structure. It offers compression solutions for a range suction pressures and up to 20 bar, and can handle fl ows from 600 kg/h to 4,000 kg/h.

The company also exhibited its recently-launched ROI Gauge, which helps companies ascertain the return on investment (ROI) of their machines that derives from less consumption and lower maintenance costs.

The sector’s future: recycling to boost PET investment

ABC sales and service director Xabier Noguera said that he expects the coming years to see fewer players in the compressors market. “This higher concentration means
that 2020 will be a key year for a major push in the company’s worldwide expansion,” he concluded.



New sales area manager at ABC Compressors

We are glad to introduce Victor Gonçalves de Miranda

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