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We manufacture compressors since 1943

More than 75 years

of experience

Since 1943 in the market. ABC COMPRESSORS continues to invest in consolidating long-term relationships with its customers, supplying not only the products best adapted to their needs, but accompanying them throughout their life cycle.

At the same time, ABC COMPRESSORS has opted for customized solutions for the demands of new markets, such as PET blowing. Here, it pioneered with its four-stage compressor or gas applications in the 1980s.

With the same spirit that has made ABC COMPRESSORS a world reference in piston compressors, the company continues to evolve and is committed to consolidating its position as a global service provider. Therefore, its factories in China and Brazil and the opening of new service platforms, as well as offering the most robust and efficient compressors.


ABC COMPRESSORS offers different supply alternatives, preserving the quality and warranty of its compressors through their complete production plant in Eibar. ABC COMPRESSORS has more than 20,000m² of production, assembly and testing facilities throughout the world.

ABC Eibar


  • Engineering and R&D
  • Projects management
  • Mechanization
  • Montaje del cabezal del compresor
  • Ensamblaje del grupo compresor completo
  • Prueba del grupo compresor

ABC Wujiang


  • Projects management
  • Ensamblaje del grupo compresor completo
  • Prueba del grupo compresor


and Quality

ABC COMPRESSORS adapts its solutions to any kind of requirements, collaborating and advising the end customers and engineers in the configuration of the equipment.

The manufacturing process is carried out under the highest quality standards, controlling and verifying the perfect operation of the whole compressor set before being supplied to the customer.

To this end, all the necessary product quality tests are carried out, highlighting:

  • Dimensional controls
  • Non-destructive tests (ultrasound, penetrating liquids, welding radiography, hardness test ...)
  • Unit checks of control devices

With the ultimate goal of testing all the complete compressor units before being supplied, ABC COMPRESSORS designs all the solutions on a single chassis, with the peripheral equipment interconnected in the same platform.

In one word, the quality of the product is the reflection of people working under the same procedures, processes and systems, with the responsibility and commitment being the hallmarks of ABC COMPRESSORS, all reflected in the Management Policy.

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Company founded in Eibar
Company founded in Eibar
1st Compressor in Europe
Opening of factory in Eibar
1st Compressor in Latin America
1st Gas Compressor
Eibar plant expansion
Opening of sales delegations in Spain
1st petrochemical compressor
Development of 4-stage compressor
1st nuclear power installation
1st compressor in Africa
1st PET Compressor
1st Cogeneration Compressor
Opening of sales offices internationally
1st Compressor in Asia
1st water treatment compressor
Open factory in Azitain, Eibar
Development of 6-stage compressor
Manufactured in accordance with API-618
Delegation network expansion to the 5 continents
75 anniversary of the company
More than 60 services all over the world
Opening of new plants in China and Brasil
ECOO range
ABC COMPRESSORS technology center
SynchronizAir development

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