Energy audits

We audit the compressors of your plant, in order to make you understand which is the efficiency of your installed compressors



ABC COMPRESSORS makes its technical team available to its customers to perform audits of actual consumption in the plant.

The result allows the actual specific consumption of the compressors to be known, as well as the comparison with others in the market. Specialized ABC COMPRESSORS personnel perform the audits, with direct participation of the technical personnel of the clients to guarantee the total transparency of the operation.

In all the cases it is used the same certified measurement tools and, to be an apple to apple comparison, it is measured both ABC COMPRESSORS and competitor's machine in the same running conditions (inlet pressure, altitude, production…) Thanks to this energy audits, we have clearly demonstrated that ABC Compressors is the most efficient compressor with more than 10% of difference against our competitors.


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