Energy Saving Ether Plus

ABC compressors implements the most energy saving solutions of the market.


Energy savings

This tool lets you know exactly what the wear of the parts is, based on a parameterized sensor technology that communicates through the PLC or remotely. This innovation has been created to always be one step beyond preventive maintenance and guides you to carry out the service based on your calendar.




Empower your 4.0 diagnosis

This tool allows to find out more accurately the real wearing of the spare parts, based on a sensor-parametrized technology which communicates either through PLC or remotely. This innovation has been created to go a step ahead the preventive maintenance and leads to arrange the service according with your calendar.

  • Optimize your installed equipment
  • Balance your service cycle
  • Full sensor equipped compressor
  • Reach to a quicker diagnosisR
  • Automatic spares system


Future oriented "no-waste" tool

It goes beyond the traditional frequency drivers, allowing you:

  • Avoid peak of consumption while starting up
  • Avoid off-loads
  • Avoid exceeding 100% power consumption
  • Limitless regulationR
  • Limitless (dis)connection. Net-VSD


Synchronize your compressors

It allows the coordination of multiple compressors against a defined pressure set point. Therefore, the e-ntelligent system will find the perfect balance between the loading running time from all compressors and the speed of them. Hence, downsizing the energy consumption from the net.

  • Move from static to dynamic machine control
  • Adjust your consumption to your production
  • Auto management of compressors running hours


Regulate beyond limits

This system will provide you a wide regulation range from 20% to 100% of the compressor capacity. When running at minimum speed and loading at 50%, it will be able to accelerate depending on the given signal

  • Smooth regulation
  • Avoid working empty
  • Skip air-flow jumps
  • 0-50-100%

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