Solid waste drying:


This compressor was installed in a solid waste drying plant, taking advantage of the generated biogas (biometanization). The compressor was in a safe zone and handled quite a high content of H2S.

  • Country ES
  • Race (mm) 150
  • Year 2007
  • Speed (RPM) 750
  • Capacity (Nm³/h) 553
  • Suction Pressure (Bar) 1
  • Number of stages 2
  • Motor (kW) 92
  • Number of cylinders 2
  • Exhaust Pressure (Bar) 11
  • Cylinder size (mm) 280



Food Sector

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Natural gas

Compressors for the transport and boosting of natural gas in order to feed gas turbines and gas engines. ABC Compressors has more than 200 gas compressors in cogeneration plants.


Gas compressors that are present in the oil refinery system: exploration (upstream), transport (midstream), refining (downstream) and treatment of the spare gases (petrochemistry).

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Compressors for the production of biomethane, natural gas network supply, fermentation and dry of solid residuals.


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