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Wastewater Treatment & Biogas

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ABC COMPRESSORS supplies biogas compressor sets for the treatment of residential wastage, as well as biogas of different origins (agricultural, forest…), up to 110bar for waste water treatment and around 10bar for biogas treatment. ABC COMPRESSORS has manufactured compressor sets for multiple industries: from the treatment of industrial water by oxidation, to the processing of biogas coming from water and residential waste, CO2 and H2S separation from methane, etc.

The main features of these biogas compressor units are the following:

            • ·  The processed gases can be air for waste treatment or biogas for transport and treatment.
            • ·  Choice between cooling towers or air coolers.
            • · Condensate control in saturated gases or control of flammable gases through gas injection, are available.
            • ·  Useful biogas compressor equipments for ATEX/NEMA classified areas or for sets under European Directive 2006-95/NEC non classified areas.

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