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18 November

CBST Shanghai 2019

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ABC COMPRESSORS manufactures petrochemical compressor units for the whole oil refinery system: exploration (upstream), transport (midstream), refining (downstream) and treatment of the spare gases (petrochemistry), up to 150bar and up to 1.200kW.

ABC COMPRESSORS has supplied more than 1.000 petrochemical compressor sets worldwide, working closely with well-known engineering companies, as well as with EPCs and final users.

The main features of this petrochemical compressor set for the oil refinery system are the following:

  • · The processed gases for oil refinery can be: air, natural gas, hydrocarbons, aromatics, alkanes, nafta, H2S below 5.000ppm and others.
  • · The standard configuration includes API 618 and pulsation analysis.
  • · Oil-free or lubricated supply, with belts or with direct coupling, with ATEX instrumentation for safety requirements or predictive maintenance.
  • · Choice with low and medium voltage panels and between cooling towers or air coolers.
  • · Condensate control in saturated gases or control of flammable gas emissions (nitrogen purge) isavailable.
  • · Useful equipment for ATEX/NEMA classified areas.

Best practices


Compressors on an offshore oil platform


Country Iran Stroke (mm) 200 Year 1997 Speed (RPM) 492 Compressor model 2x1EHP-2-GT Capacity (Nm³/h) 2x3.765 Gas Natural Gas Motor (kW) 239 Number of stages 1 Suction pressure (Bar) 6,0 Number of cylinders 2 Discharge pressure (Bar) 22,0 Cylinder sizes (mm) 2x230

Additional comments

These two compressors are installed on an offshore oil platform in order to compress natural gas extracted from oil drilling. The compressed gas is used to feed a 6MW turbine in order to cover the electrical consumption of the platform. This kind of offshore applications are very demanding in terms of standards and technical requirements, but also due to the reduced available space. ABC COMPRESSORS was perfect for the application: two 1EHP-2-GT compressors engineered to suit all the needs of the client.

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