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Industrial Gases

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ABC has manufactured many reciprocating compressor units for a wide range of industrial gases: nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, natural gas... up to 150 bar and up to 600kW.

In this sense and for more than 30 years, ABC COMPRESSORS has supplied gas compressor sets for the separation, transport and storage of air separation gases (PSA or VPSA, membranes or similar), for the reformation of hydrocarbons or natural gas, and for the treatment of syngas, among others.

These reciprocating compressor packages have the following features:

      • ·  With belts or with direct coupling, cooling towers or air coolers are available.
      • ·  Choice with low and medium voltage panels.
      • · Useful gas compressor for ATEX/NEC/NEMA classified areas or for sets under European Directive 2006-95/NEC non classified areas.

Thus, each gas compressor is manufactured made-to-order, perfectly adapted to the requirements of each installation, ensuring the reliability, energy efficiency and robustness.

In consequence, ABC COMPRESSORS supplies the best reciprocating compressor that combines the best technological features in the market.

Best practices


Compression of 150 bar in 6 stages


Country France Stroke (mm) 150 Year 2007 Speed (RPM) 750 Compressor model 6EHA-6-TER-LT Capacity (Nm³/h) 750 Gas Air Motor (kW) 250 Number of stages 6 Suction pressure (Bar) 1,0 Number of cylinders 6 Discharge pressure (Bar) 150,0 Cylinder sizes (mm) 310/185/125/75/60/50

Additional comments

The compressor compresses air from atmosphere to 150 bar in 6 stages. It was designed in closed cooperation with an important industrial gas producer company.

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