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PET Blowing

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ABC COMPRESSORS has been a pioneer in the supply of high pressure compressor packages for the beverage industry. From the 80s, ABC has supplied more than 2.500 piston units in 120 countries, in close cooperation with converters, bottlers and engineering companies. In this sense, the production of PET blowing compressor units and for CO2 recovery in breweries has long been a focus for ABC COMPRESSORS.

ABC COMPRESSORS manufactures made-to-order solutions adapted to the requirements of each installation. Thanks to its horizontal arrangement, with opposed double acting cylinders and the most sophisticated engineering, ABC offers the lowest consumption ratio of the market, ensuring the reliability, energy efficiency and robustness requested by the PET blowing or CO2 recovery applications.

In consequence, the high pressure compressor is supplied complete with compressor,motor, electrical cabinet, air receiver, and refrigerated dryer, forming a compact but complete PET blowing compressor system. The set is 10%more efficient than any other compressor in the market, and with a perfectly adaptable frequency converter the saving can reach to 15%.

Best practices


Installation in high altitude


Country Ecuador Stroke (mm) 200 Year 2010 Speed (RPM) 490 Compressor model 2x4HP-4-LT Capacity (Nm³/h) 2x2.416 Gas Air Motor (kW) 360 Number of stages 4 Suction pressure (Bar) 0,729 Number of cylinders 4 Discharge pressure (Bar) 40 Cylinder sizes (mm) 580/370/230/145

Additional comments

Client’s plant was located in Quito, at an altitude of 3.000 meters and, in consequence, at a very low atmospheric inlet pressure. Conscious that this circumstance severely affected blowing compressors, two four-stage ABC machines were installed, granting the following: low compression rates between stages, no need of maintenance before 8.000 hours, and the perfect operation even in these extreme working conditions. These two sets were suitable for running in a coordinated way, together with an existing battery of ABC compressors.

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