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CO2 Recovery

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ABC COMPRESSORS has been a pioneer in the supply of high pressure compressor packages for the beverage industry. From the 80s, ABC has supplied more than 2.500 piston units in 120 countries, in close cooperation with converters, bottlers and engineering companies. In this sense, the production of PET blowing compressor units and for CO2 recovery has long been a focus for ABC COMPRESSORS.

Since the early 70’s, ABC manufactures a wide range of piston compressors for recovery for breweries: from a variety of applications for gas producers, to a complete CO2 recovery system. In that sense, ABC cooperates with engineering companies designing and implementing CO2 treatment systems.

ABC compressors are customized up to 150 bar according to the requirements of the project. The engineering company responsible for recovery for breweries can package the bare compressor, or can obtain the complete CO2 recovery unit: bare compressor, motor and electric cabinet, everything on skid.

ABC‘s CO2 recovery compressor range compresses saturated CO2 through horizontal opposed arrangement with double acting cylinders, granting the maximum robustness and reliability, offering the lowest consumption ratio of the market.

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