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Natural Gas & Cogeneration

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Since many years, ABC COMPRESSORS has supplied a wide range of reciprocating compressor units for the transport and boosting of natural gas in order to feed gas turbines and engines for any cogeneration plant, up to 70bar and up to 1.100kW. ABC’s range covers industries such as paper mills, tiles, hospitals, energy, pneumatic, petrochemical, aeronautics, food industry, glass and pharmaceutical.

With more than 200 natural gas compressors in different cogeneration plants, ABC demonstrates its long experience and its close relationship with the main global machine manufacturers.

ABC guarantees the optimal reciprocating compressor configuration to the changing supply conditions of the natural gas, in order to ensure reliable performance of engines and gas turbines in the cogeneration plant.

      • · The standard configuration includes API 618 and pulsation analysis.
      • · Oil-free supply, with belts or with direct coupling.
      • · Choice with low and medium voltage panels and between cooling towers or air coolers.
      • · Useful reciprocating compressor equipments for any cogeneration plant classified as ATEX/NEMA.
      • · For low compression rates, one or two compression stages, with one or more compressors in parallel can be chosen. For higher rates, even two compressors in series.
      • · The customized combination of piping, bypass valves, constant pressure valves, and suction and delivery tanks assures the best ability of the inlet pressure to the turbine.

In consequence, ABC COMPRESSORS manufactures the best reciprocating compressor package that combines the best technological features in the market, granting the best solution for any cogeneration plant.

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Cogeneration in pneumatic plant


Country Spain Stroke (mm) 200 Year 2000 Speed (RPM) 456 Compressor model 2EHP-4-GT/210-145 Capacity (Nm³/h) 6.000 Gas Natural Gas Motor (kW) 500,2 Number of stages 2 Suction pressure (Bar) 11 Number of cylinders 4 Discharge pressure (Bar) 51 Cylinder sizes (mm) 2x210/2x145

Additional comments

These three compressors feed a natural gas turbine of 50MW for a combine cogeneration cycle. One of them is on stand by, so the total flow given can reach 12.000Nm³/h.

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