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High Pressure Compressors: HORIZON

Design focused on TCO

The technology of the ABC’s high pressure compressor came to be a perfect solution during early 80’ for the new borned PET blowing industry. Blowing machine manufacturers, converters and worldwide bottling companies trust ABC since many years.

This technical leadership has been kept until nowadays, where ABC remains the market benchmark in PET blowing compressor units.

Nowadays, HORIZON has become the only high pressure compressor that combines the best state of the art technical developments with highest standard materials and components in the OIL-FREE piston compressor market, getting 15% proven energy savings thanks to its technology.

In this sense, HORIZON configuration offers a complete piston compressor range for the following industries:

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HORIZON operates virtually without vibrations

  • Cylinders are horizontally opposed, with crankpins displaced by 180o, cancelling out the inertia loads.
  • Virtually without vibration.
  • Longer life of mechanical parts as they do not transmit excessive force or produce fatigue on structural parts of the compressor, 20 years machine lifetime.
  • Providing stability of the high pressure air pipes.
  • No anti-vibration pads or special foundations are required, + 2 kg/cm2.
  • Excellent adaptation to frequency converter up to 55%.
  • Compressor and all peripheral components are skid mounted.

HORIZON design gives optimum performance.

  • Double-acting cylinders minimise air leaks. 
  • Less mechanical losses and lower differential pressures.
  • Achieving lower operation temperatures at each compression stage. Less energy wasted. 
  • Longer valves, rings and gaskets durability, no premature wearing.
  • When unloaded, venting the intercoolers is not required, meaning efficiency increase and lower energy consumption.
  • High performance cooling chamber with no valves in cylinder heads.
  • A minimum of 2 suction / 2 discharge valves per stage, preventing one valve failure stopping the machine.
  • Suction valve
  • Delivery valve
  • Cooling chambers
  • Compression chambers

HORIZON is fitted with the most reliable and efficient direct coupled transmission

  • Direct coupling means 5% energy saving comparing with other energy transmission methods.
  • Virtually absence of mechanical energy loses.
  • Longer duration of shaft alignment
  • Without belts there are no maintenance needs.
  • Absence of radial forces, implying:
    • Longer life for the motor.
    • Longer life for compressor and for motor bearings, with longer lubrication intervals (20.000 hours).
  • No more manual tensioning requirements for reliable operation.

Direct coupling The gear reducer allows compressor’s speed adjustment to the installation’s necessities.

Energy saving through heat recovery

is able to collect hot water from all its coolers for a variety of plant uses.

  • Average power saving of 20-40% through hot water supply.
  • roviding hot water up to 80ºC, in each of the stages.
  • Customized solutions with water up to 90ºC.
    • Special compressor heat exchangers with double heating modules.
    • Customized final heat exchangers adapted to customer needs.
    • Furnished with new equipment, or retrofitted at a later date

HORIZON assures smooth and easy installation

  • Self-contained sets, even with peripherals pre-connected. 
  • Single inlet and outlet points for water and electricity.
  • Centralized control for the entire ensemble.
  • Fitting all the skids in standard container sizes. 
  • Interchangeable parts among different models.
  • Easy mobility and relocation.
  • No cranes for maintenance. Small size wearing parts.
  • Cylinders at man hand level.

Perfect and wide adaptation
High regulation range

  • HORIZON takes full advantage of the energy saving by the frequency converter.
  • Average 20% energy saving when regulating.
  • Up to 60% energy saving at low regulation regime.
  • Regulation span reaching 55% of the compressor capacity.
  • Absence of intensity starting peaks: starting = nominal intensity.
  • Allows more starts per hour.
  • Minimizes pressure fluctuation when regulating:
    • Additional energy saving.
    • Stable pressure on the line.
  • Mechanical protection for the compressor: 
    • Lower starting torques.
    • Less unloaders actions.
  • Optimum cos
  • Integrated supply with the electric cabinet.
  • Harmonic protection in different filtering degrees.
  • Furnished with new equipment, or retrofitted at a later date.