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Piston compressors

ABC COMPRESSORS has accumulated valuable experience in various industrial applications, providing the end user the complete assurance that their piston compressors facility is operating under optimal conditions of lowest cost and long-term reliability.

The production of piston compressors covers from beverage industry (high pressure PET oil-free blowing and CO2 recovery) to petrochemistry, including waste treatment, biogas, natural gas, cogeneration, industrial gases or other applications.

ABC compressors are prepared for continuous 8.000 hours work without any spare part replacement, allowing the highest machine availability and getting an exceptionally long service life.

Additionally, the horizontally-opposed cylinder arrangement provides a balance of the compressor inertia, nullifying vibrations, and avoiding excessive wear and failures on the machine parts.

Moreover, a cost effective and easy maintenance is achieved, avoiding the investment in special cranes to service the compressor.

In consequence, ABC COMPRESSORS supplies the best piston compressors that combine the best technological features in the market.