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Remote Control

ABC COMPRESSORS believes it is important to assist customers in running their international network of compressors in a timely, centralized and effective manner. As a consequence, the REMOTE CONTROL ABility Eye, with its three working levels, is the perfect tool to keep all installations under control.

of indicators

Access via web permitted to the compressor control panel,monitoring the following parameters:

  • Compressor status: working or stopped
  • Status of auxiliary equipment: lubrication and water pumps, dryer and cooling system.
  • Water, air and oil pressures and temperatures
  • Engine temperatures
  • Alarms

All this including the indication of the recommended maximum and minimum values.

and control

Given the option to observe compressor status and evolution of the historic parameters at all times, ABC COMPRESSORS makes its experts available to its customers: a technician dedicated to each account will interpret and draw up systematic reports on the machine, status thereby enabling correct maintenance planning and the prevention of any problem.


In this level of service, ABC COMPRESSORS not only monitors and makes the interpretation of the main indicators and parameters of the compressor, but also assumes the responsibility.

ABC COMPRESSORS ensures the necessary predictive and corrective maintenances, and thanks to the ABility Contract, the guarantee of the equipment is extended based on the deadline agreed with the client (five years extendable).