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Highest reliability


24 hours x 365 days, requiring only a single preventive maintenance service annually, while operating continuously on full load even without regulation.

The mechanical design of the compressor and the engineering applied to the entire compressor package ensures durability of the critical parts, beyond market standards.

The horizontally-opposed arrangement of the cylinders and low piston speed minimizes vibration and wear on parts.


Market leader in kWh/Nm³.

Optimum energy performance by developing a customized design, the combination of up to six stages of compression, double-acting cylinders and higher-capacity cooling system.

Optimization of the compression cycle, by adjusting the compression and cooling ratio, combined with the most advanced control and power systems.


ABC’s compressors operate in extreme conditions (arid deserts, high altitudes, tropical environments…), maintaining its safety and efficiency standards.

The delivery of the complete tested compressor package on a single skid allows the maximum mobility and an easy start-up.