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Efficient design

The ABC compressor is up to 15% more efficient than any other compressor in the market.

With savings of up to 15% of real energy consumption, the ABC design gives optimum performance

This energy savings guarantee the most competitive total operating cost (energy consumption + cost of the machine + maintenance), and has a significant impact on consumption, since energy costs are 80% of the total cost of the compressor throughout its useful life.

· Double-acting cylinders minimize leaks and premature wear and tear.

· Balanced compression ratios with a wide range of double-acting cylinders, approaching to the lowering energy consumption cycle.

· Large stainless-steel valve outlet surfaces, avoiding pressure drops.

· Large-capacity air receiver for more precise regulation, extending the life of the valve unloaders.

· The soft starter is supplied on all ABC packages above 200 kW, and it is optional for lower power compressors. This eliminates inrush current, thereby avoiding costly “peak” charges.

· When coordinating systems with several compressors, ABC offers intelligent systems that make it possible to select and prioritize the start up of the compressors according to the demand for compressed air.

Additionally, the ABC compressor can be furnished with optional energy saving systems (frequency converter, PET reinjection, step regulation), achieving total energy savings up to 50%.

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