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Project management


Project Managers lead a team of mechanical and electronic experts, as well as applications engineers from ABC, throughout the whole process: from the design to start up. Advanced engineering (Solidedge, AutoCAD, finite element analysis) and management tools (integrated ERP) are used. The sales team, together with the Project Manager, work closely with both the technical staff from the client and the engineering companies, with the following targets:

Analysis and study of the customer requirements

Configuration of compressor and auxiliary equipment

Definition of the electric and control diagrams

After this detailed engineering step, the main documents (compressor assembly and foundation drawings, P&ID, electrical diagrams, instrumentation lists, etc.) are ready to be reviewed, if necessary, by the client or engineering contractor, and then, launched into production.

The quality begins with each piece and finishes with the guarantee of operation, by testing the whole compressor set. That’s why all ABC production and assembly facilities are fitted with one test installation, with more than 1.000m². Here, the operation and performance parameters of the machine are tested under real conditions based on customers’ requirements.

In order to be able to test the whole compressor set before being supplied, the ABC Engineering Department integrates all auxiliary systems (lubrication, cooling, power supply, control, etc.) on a single skid.